Entrepreneurship is a scary path to travel. It is filled with uncertainty from the moment you step off the ledge and take a leap of faith to pursue your passion. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate your uncharted territory alone, because there are many who have forged their own paths to success ahead of you.

The mark of a smart business person is someone who recognizes that their learning is never complete. Take advantage of the information available to you from people who have found success in their own unique pursuits. Even if their business model looks nothing like yours, or their product is completely different than yours, their knowledge is valuable in helping you push through the difficulties of business ownership.

Here are 5 books that every entrepreneur should read. They are filled with inspiration, motivation and encouragement to help you step off the beaten path and chart your own course. Each of these books will inspire you to ignite your passion and use it to fuel a successful business.

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Phil Knight’s memoir about his journey to create Nike, one of the world’s most powerful and successful sports brands, is a favorite of Microsoft’s Bill Gates. It chronicles Knight’s humble beginnings, borrowing $50 from his father to set off on his own path as an entrepreneur. From that $50, Knight grew Nike into a multi-billion dollar company. This book will inspire you to take a more unconventional path and will challenge you to overcome setbacks and failures as you build your business. Nothing is impossible, and Phil Knight is living proof.

The Power of Broke by Daymond John

Shark Tank star and founder of Fubu, Daymond John’s New York Times Bestseller is about the benefits of starting a business with limited resources. John’s belief is that desperation generates inspiration and innovation. With a limited budget, you are better able to tap into the heart and drive needed to grow a successful business. As John began his business venture with only a $40 budget, he has real world experience in growing something from virtually nothing. His experience as described in his book will teach you that being broke as a startup is an asset. It can force you to use your resources more efficiently and connect more authentically with your market. Learn to leverage the power of broke into a successful business and get inspired along the way.

Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning and Momentum by Neil Patel, Patrick Vaskovits, Jonas Koffler

This New York Times bestseller encourages you to abandon the idea that the odds are stacked against you. Many entrepreneurs struggle with feeling as if the system isn’t designed for their success. In fact, a Gallup poll shows that almost 90% of people feel disconnected from their jobs. This book will teach you how to release yourself from the drudgery and create your own terms for success. You’ll learn tips and tricks to transform the way you live and work. Learn to make the hustle work for you.

The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte

In The Fire Starter Sessions, Danielle LaPorte tackles the thoughts behind traditional self-help. Instead of encouraging you to chase after unrealistic ideals, she will inspire you to refine success in your own terms. This book tackles the soulful side of entrepreneurship. It offers ways to nurture yourself to make you better equipped to implement practical steps to your success. It will motivate you to chase after the feeling you want for your life, rather than chase after other people’s definitions of success. So, don’t wait for permission, or the perfect scenario to pursue your passion. Start now!

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau teaches you how to have the best of both worlds. With The $100 Startup, you’ll learn how to live a life that is meaningful, while also earning a good living. It’s all about leveraging natural talent and passion to turn them into a successful business model. So, if you’re on the verge of abandoning traditional employment, this book will help you turn your ideas into income. It proves that you don’t have to have a trust fund to start a business.

These are just 5 of thousands of books out there for entrepreneurs. Whether you choose to dive into any of these or find your own books for inspiration, you can never go wrong with committing time to your own self-improvement and personal development. Take advantage of all the great information out there and use it create your own success story.