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Today’s enterprise companies require the best-in-class tools for ensuring projects succeed. That means intelligent design, ease of use, and most importantly, powerful, reliable and secure technology. Our enterprise project management tools enable end-to-end project management.

This means your team – wherever they work – can communicate in real-time, track progress, update schedules, and invoice for work and payments as they go. Our platform also allows you to customize invoices so your brand always appears professional and polished to your clients. Explore some of our additional highlighted features, below.


Feature Highlights

Whether it’s a team of 1 or 1,000, we understand the multifaceted needs of a company. Our enterprise platform works to keep your routine business processes simple, yet super effective. You can rely on our enterprise project management tools for everything from invoice reminders, tracking time spent on specific client tasks, payment collection and much more.

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Make the invoices your own. Add your logo and personal details to the invoices your clients will receive.

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Multiple Formats

Send your invoices in multiple formats. Choose between PDF email attachments, in-platform links, or both.

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Simple For You

Seamlessly migrate your tasks into an invoice. Track your time and send it over to your invoice and let Spera calculate your totals.

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Simple For Your Clients

Clients can pay you straight from the invoices you send. In a few quick clicks, they can enter the info, and you get paid.

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Team Settings

Make your invoices private. If you work on a team, keep sensitive information in its proper place when sending invoices.

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Keep track of when you’re paid. Spera will notify you of any overdue and outstanding invoices to keep you on top things.

Spera’s enterprise solutions were created to allow your team to focus on what they’re good at and avoid worrying about managing the technical aspects related to invoicing your clients.

Our enterprise software is ideal for teams of all sizes, whether they’re working remotely or in house, operating on multiple time zones or working in the same room together. Our tools enable your team to login to one system to better track your time, manage various tasks, communicate with your clients, and quickly send invoices.

If you’re a team of one looking to work independently, we have you covered there as well. Spera offers a comprehensive freelance website portal for solopreneurs and independent contractors, regardless of whether you’re just getting started in your new side hustle, or you’re working for yourself full time. Learn why Spera is the freelance website people prefer when it comes to optimizing their workflow.

“Offering multiple payment options to my clients has made it easier on them and has helped me expand my business.”

Todd P./ Web Designer

“I want my clients to feel connected to me and the work I do for them. A personal touch makes all the difference.”

Skyler W. / Consultant

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