Payments Overview

With a Spera Payments account, you can instantly start accepting Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH, and Person-to-Person transfers. Set up is easy, and gives you the ability to get paid faster. No more waiting for that check in the mail.

Track your payment status as Pending, Partially Paid, and Paid
Set up your preferred payment settings for quick access
Seamlessly add payments to your invoices

Feature Highlights

Instant Sign Up and Enablement

Your Spera Payments account is free with your subscription to the platform. Instantly sign up and start accepting payment today.


Give your clients the option to pay with any Debit or Credit card. Avoid the wait and get paid faster.


Receive money directly with ACH payments. The more options you provide, the easier it is to get paid quickly.


Send person-to-person payments fast and for free. When both parties have a Spera Payments account, no fees apply.


Track your time with Spera. Send your invoice with Spera. Get paid through your Spera Payments account.


Sign up and start accepting payment in under 3 minutes. It’s quick, easy, and simple with a Spera Payments account.

“Offering multiple payment options to my clients has made it easier on them and has helped me expand my business.”

Todd P.Web Designer

“I want my clients to feel connected to me and the work I do for them. A personal touch makes all the difference.”

Skyler W. / Consultant

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