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Spera’s freelance platform lets you organize your clients, grant them varying levels of permissions to your projects, and quickly access their information when you need it. You can also communicate more efficiently with our client messaging system, send customizable invoices, and easily accept various forms of payment.

Interacting with your clients in all the ways you need to has never been easier.

Client Management
Keep track of all your clients from one location.
Add your main points of contact if you’re working for a bigger company and give them the option to login to your platform to collaborate, get work done, and get paid.
Get a quick look at the projects you have for each client and the progress that has been made.
View and manage your invoices for each client from one location
Add details to your clients to keep them organized, and serve you in invoicing and collecting payment.

Feature Highlights

Our client management features offer independent workers, solopreneurs and remote teams the tools they need to collaborate with their clients. We’ve eliminated the necessity for freelancers to juggle multiple apps and accounts to interact with clients in the ways they need to, whether its sending invoices or providing updates on specific projects. Explore some of the feature highlights of our client portal, including our client management dashboard, ticketing system and Spera Transfers.

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Client Portal

Invite your client to the team. Give them limited access to view projects, invoices, messaging and more.

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Invoice Payment

Receive instant payment when your client has access to your platform. Clients can view and pay invoices with the click of a button.

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Chat directly with your clients. Send them general messages, or project and task specific messages inside the platform.

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Client Dashboard

Keep track of it all. View your clients, contacts, and their associated projects and invoices all from one location.

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If your work requires, give clients access to tickets. Keep track of any outstanding issues and provide transparency.

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Free Transfers

When your client has a Spera account, they can pay you without any fees. Give them access and get paid with a Spera Transfer.

With Spera, your clients are able to be a more meaningful part of your work process. Our client portal gives you the power to grant access to the projects and tasks you want clients to see, whenever you’re ready to share them. Better yet, our customizable invoices present your work with a more polished look that presents your brand professionally.

Spera’s system also lets you accept a variety of payments, from credit cards, debit cards and ACH for your convenience as well as your clients. Get paid quicker and more efficiently with our freelancer payment system.

“Offering multiple payment options to my clients has made it easier on them and has helped me expand my business.”

Todd P./ Web Designer

“I want my clients to feel connected to me and the work I do for them. A personal touch makes all the difference.”

Skyler W. / Consultant

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