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The Spera Freedom platform enables professionals and teams to thrive. Whether you’re a student working a part-time gig or professional with a side hustle. A full-time freelancer or an ambitious solopreneur. A small design agency. Or a company with an agile team distributed around the globe. Our software equips you and your team, with the tools to unlock your talents deliver projects — and results — to your clients. And and save time in the process. From finding new gigs to managing your projects and collaborating with your team; from sending invoices to managing payments, and more, Spera has you covered. Work your way.

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Track project details so your team knows everything about the project and keep everyone on the same page.
Get a quick look at who is on each project, what the deadlines are, and how many open tasks your team has to accomplish.
Assign team members as an administrator for each client, allowing for a specific point of contact on each project.

Feature Highlights

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Our gig board scours the interwebs for jobs that match your talents with hiring criteria. Make your mark and earn money working on freelance projects and contract jobs. Or use our gig board to post jobs, find and recruit talent to help your company grow.

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Show me the money! What’s work without getting paid? Our payment setup takes seconds and allows you to send and receive payments quickly and efficiently. Our fees are some of the best in the industry and secure to boot.

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Agencies with teams of collaborators reap the rewards of Spera’s fully integrated tools. Need to communicate with your team? Track progress? Add new tasks? Done, done and done.

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Project Management

Work is complex. Spera makes it simple. From setting up a list of deliverables, developing a gantt chart, breaking out tasks, assigning work to deadlines, communicating with your team, and more, our project management suite covers all the bases.

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Time Tracking

Insight into how you use your time on task, or how your team uses their time can be invaluable to your business. Measure productivity and develop better estimates using our advanced tracking tool.

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Quotes and Invoices

Clients want work done on time and budget. Our quote generation tools make the process of creating custom quotes based on your menu of service offerings easy. Send a custom invoice in seconds.

“Offering multiple payment options to my clients has made it easier on them and has helped me expand my business.”

Todd P./ Web Designer

“I want my clients to feel connected to me and the work I do for them. A personal touch makes all the difference.”

Skyler W. / Consultant

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