Gantt Chart Tools help both freelancers and business owners track their project progress more effectively. Whether you’re trying to grasp a better overview of your client’s latest project from start to end or shed light on task relationships for a more complex undertaking of your work, Gantt charts help you gain major clarity throughout your freelance projects. These project management tools also keep your team members on the same page in terms of upcoming deadlines and if projects have multiple phases, which is key if you’re working virtually with other digital nomads.

Below, we’ve explored a few of the most important benefits that a Gantt Chart can offer your freelance gig, and then dive into specific project types in your business that would benefit from implementing these tools. Let’s get started!

The Key Benefits of Gantt Chart Tools


So what are some of the benefits of implementing these tools, anyway? Gantt Charts can improve team communication throughout a project, help you better forecast project goals and more easily track your results when your tasks are finished.

Recognize Time-Sucks

Due to their visual nature, Gantt Charts allow freelancers to quickly determine which tasks are dominating the most time throughout a project. It’s not always clear to gauge where your time is being spent during a project without using a tool to track it. However, if you’ve spent 50% more time than was originally allotted on client meetings, it will become very clear when using this project management tool.

Clearly Assign Tasks

With a Gantt Chart, it’s crystal clear who is responsible for what, and when that task is due. The best part? Everyone on your team sees the same information, so there is zero confusion or need for guessing games when it comes to task assignments.   

Better Allocate Resources During a Project

Once you become clear on where your time is being spent most during a project, it becomes a lot easier to determine how exactly you should be allocating your budget and resources.  

Now that we’ve determined some key advantages of implementing Gantt Charts, let’s dive into the specific type of projects that can benefit from using them.

1. Projects That Involve Multiple Phases


As a freelancer, I’m sure you’re very aware of how some projects can take on a life of their own. What you think will be a simple process from A to Z, ends up taking you in a direction you never saw coming. We’re talking multiple rounds of revisions, new project end goals and several phases of work.

Gantt Chart tools allow you to track:

  • How long every phase of your project took
  • Where your project hang-ups occurred and why
  • How every task had an effect on the one before it

This project management tool allows you to really see the lifespan of each phase of your project from start to end. This becomes incredibly valuable as your project morphs from a simple logo revamp to a branding overhaul.

2. Long-Term Projects

One of the best parts of being a digital nomad is getting to choose the types of projects you work on. If you’re more inclined to take on longer-term projects, Gantt tools can make your life a lot easier because they allow you to see your work from the beginning to end. If you’re looking to outline and track specific milestones and goals, these charts provide a fantastic way to illustrate your progress.  

For long-term projects, Gantt Chart Tools help you:

  • Allow you to easily provide status reporting for your teammates and clients
  • Offer a variety of tools such as bar graphs and color options to highlight specific types of activity
  • Provide a more professional way to present project information to your clients

In addition to implementing Gantt Charts, we recommend considering using time trackers to really grasp exactly where your time is being spent throughout longer projects. If your current project management tool doesn’t offer time trackers or Gantt Charts, it may be a sign that you’re ready for a new, more comprehensive system for your freelance business.  

3. Projects That Involve Multiple People


There is nothing more valuable than being really organized when you’re working on a freelance project that involves several people. Add into the mix that in this day in age, your teammates are usually collaborating virtually and stellar organization and communication is an absolute must. Gantt Chart tools let you see how each person’s part plays in your project and how resources are being used.

Better track some of the following with these project management tools:

  • Who worked on which specific tasks
  • Estimate when each teammate’s tasks should be completed and track their progress against those projections
  • Clearly understand the importance of everyone’s roles in relation to a project’s overall progress and goals for completion

Whether you’re working with 2 other teammates or 15, better managing your team’s time and project priorities are key to being hyperproductive and therefore making more money in your freelance business. Don’t forget, your time is money as a freelancer!

As a freelancer, it’s vital to become hyper-organized throughout the lifespan of your projects. Life instantly becomes easier when you’re able to quickly see where your time is being spent, who is doing what, and how far away you are from project completion. Gantt Charts help you better manage your projects, streamline your collaborations, and make communication much easier. Take the guesswork out of your tasks by taking advantage of this tool this year.

Rather than adding another tool to your toolbox and daily workflow, look for project management tools, like Spera, that already include a Gantt chart tool within the platform so you don’t have to toggle between screens and websites to track your project’s progress.


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