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13 Tips to Make Your Freelance Business Easy This Month From Project Management Applications to Understanding Your Taxes

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With online tools, freelance platforms and project management applications, working as a freelancer has never been easier. Whether you’re looking to find more time in your workday or collaborate more easily with other independent contractors, chances are there’s an app for it online. It’s time to start discovering valuable hacks that can help you make the most of your freelance business, while enjoying time outside of work, too.   

The bottom line: freelancing doesn’t have to be as hard as you might be making it every month. Explore 13 tips to make your business easier, from simple project management software to planning better for tax season.

1. Dump Your Old, Outdated Project Management Applications


Simply put: it’s time for a serious upgrade. Your project management applications are the backbone of your freelance business, so it’s imperative that you’re getting the most out of them as possible. If they’re not making your work life easier, you’ve got to say goodbye and find a smarter, more useful platform ASAP.

Do your research on the best system for your needs, then prepare yourself for the switch by following these steps for dumping your old project management software without regrets.  

2. Make it Your Mission to Understand Your Difficult Client

Unfortunately, there sometimes comes a time when you encounter a seriously challenging client. Although it may feel like they’re simply out to make your life miserable, chances are the root of your issues lie within a major miscommunication. Try changing your mindset and making it your mission to better understand your difficult client and where they’re coming from.

Implementing better tools and project management applications to foster communication is a great place to start. Consider using a platform that allows your client to comment on tasks, projects and elements of their work. This way, they’re able to convey feedback and ideas on specific elements of your work, which sometimes get misconstrued (or lost) in a sea of emails back and forth.  

3. Finally Commit to Spending Time On SERPS

There’s a good chance you’re already aware of how important search engine results pages (SERPS) are for your business. But as a freelancer, sometimes finding the time to spend on creating a quality plan to tackle all things SEO seems totally out of reach. Optimizing the SEO of your website could mean the difference between new clients finding you each month, and hearing crickets online.

Explore some of the following sites to get a better handle on where you should be focusing on in this area, why SERPS matter and what simply isn’t working anymore.

4. Figure Out Your Client Onboarding Process, Once and For All

As a freelancer, onboarding new clients is most likely a fairly common occurrence in your business. Why not create a killer onboarding process within your simple project management software that you can reference back to and continuously reuse every time you gain a new client? Take the time to consider all the important elements of onboarding; from delivering their new logins to uploading important content briefs. Opt for comprehensive project management applications and freelancer systems that let you do everything you need to in one place.   

5. Implement Time Tracking Into Your Every Day

There are numerous benefits of implementing time tracking habits into your business. From a more productive workday to better budgeting, it’s worth it to explore this tip today. Consider the following, as well:  

  • Identify your most important tasks for each workday and tackle those first.
  • Recognize where you can outsource certain administrative duties so you’re able to focus on the most important work.

Get a better hold of your workday with project management applications like time tracking systems.  

6. Start Using Better Software to Manage Your Business

Make this the month that you start using independent contractor software that allows you to become really organized and even more efficient in your work. Say goodbye to the hours per day spent on managing administrative tasks. Instead, start using project management applications that let you house your client proposals, important files and budget information in one place. No more juggling multiple website logins, apps and more.  

7. Get Serious about Social (Media)

Staying on top of social media trends can be overwhelming! Why not make your life easier by utilizing project management applications and social tools that can help you dominate social media for your clients, and stay on top of the latest trends? From using smarter collaborative tools, to better targeting your clients, explore these tips on better social media management.  

8. Master the Art of Automation


When it comes to freelancing, automation is absolutely king. The more you can execute in less time, the better. Less hours spent on mundane tasks that don’t make you money means you’re free to find prospective clients, or simply enjoy life outside of work. And a simple project management software system can help. Whether it’s managing your email inbox more efficiently (yes, there’s an app for that), or getting client contracts signed quicker, take control of your systems to make sure you’re spending your work week wisely.

9. Digitize Your Work Day

Start treating your freelance business like a real, professional company and implement comprehensive project management applications to get things done more seamlessly. Consider an online scheduling system for work related meetings, interviews and online appointments. Stop trying to track down that one email from your inbox that pertains to the latest round of revisions, and instead start using a system that houses all client communication.

Digitizing your work day will help present your brand more professionally, help you get paid quicker and all of your client info will remain organized in one place.

10. Ramp Up Your Networking Efforts

If you’re an introvert, there’s a good chance this bullet point sent a wave of panic through you. Before you skip to the next suggestion, consider all the benefits of networking for your freelance business. You could meet your next client, learn a new skill set, discover better project management applications, find a future business accountability partner and more! If networking in person isn’t your thing, try meeting other entrepreneurs online in Facebook groups, webinars and digital conferences instead.

11. Prepare Yourself Ahead of Time for Tax Season   

Set yourself up for success by gaining a better understanding of your business’s tax requirements. Although it may be easier to ignore tax time until April comes around, by becoming prepared, you’ll avoid the major yearly panic that comes along with filing.

  1. First, understand what your business is obligated to pay annually.
  2. Next, learn about the deductions you qualify for and how to track them.
  3. Finally, get hyper-organized when it comes to your receipts, client payments and project expenses.

Find a simple project management software system can make your tax season easier by keeping your business really organized.

12. Continue to Find Your Specific Niche   

When you’re first starting out as a freelancer, it can feel like a safer decision to offer your services to anyone willing to hire you. For a freelance writer, for example, you may be asking yourself what if you can’t find a gig writing about what you really want to? Or what if there aren’t any high paying projects that exist for your specific writing style? As you gain more experience in your freelance business and become more confident about your abilities, it’s important to begin finding your niche within your specific field. Oftentimes, the more you hone in on your specific expertise, the better-quality clients you attract.  

13. Start Collaborating Online with Other Freelancers  

When it comes to freelancing, there truly is power in numbers. Being self-employed means relying on your professional (and sometimes personal) network to find new gigs. The more people you work with, the more opportunities there are to find new clients and grow your business’s exposure online. Don’t be afraid to approach other freelancers about working together. Consider pitching a joint online event, webinar series, eBook on project management applications or a simple social media to get started collaborating with others.   

Discover Project Management Applications and More to Guarantee Your Freelance Business Runs Smoother

Implementing project management applications and a smarter freelance website platform for your business can help you run your business smoother and more efficient. Consider collaborating with other freelancers, getting ahold of your client communications and digitizing your work day to make your business life much easier this month.   

Spera’s project management applications and comprehensive platform equips you and your team, with the tools you and your clients need. Explore a better system for freelancers today.


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