The Freedom Economy

The Next Great Disruption: 

The Workforce

There are now over 53 million of us in the U.S. alone who do work and make money without “owning a business” or reporting to an office with a boss everyday. By 2020, it is estimated that over half the workforce will be working independent of a traditional employer, free agents of their trade.

Technology has inspired many of the great innovations of our day. For those of you who have been freelancing since the days of OG Peter Parker and the Daily Bugle, we salute you. For the rest of us, this is only the beginning… this is revolutionary. We have seen the effects of the Shared Economy on consumption, the shift from “ownership” to “access”, and the freedom and independence that has brought. But what about production? The implications of an independent workforce in a capitalistic economy are far-reaching, monumentally changing the macroeconomic landscape and the individual alike.