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Life as a freelancer often feels like a constant shake up of your creative voice, writing style and subject matter. We are more often than not called to release our personal passions and innate personalities to morph into the brand representation of our clients. Our flexibility and ability to adapt is one of the reasons many clients seek us out to help support their outsourcing needs. We are the ultimate “actors.”

This constant pivoting in our writing style can have two results. Many of us love the variability and thrive on always writing something new. But some of us will feel frustrated, working on projects and jobs that are not a best fit for our interests and personal creative style. Is there a way to reduce this frustration while also growing a brand and setting the course for a long, successful career as a freelancer? Yes!

  • TRUTH: You Do Not Have to Be Everything to Everyon
  • THE MAGIC NUMBER: Talent + Interest² = Your Niche
  • Release the Pressure

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    “Offering multiple payment options to my clients has made it easier on them and has helped me expand my business.”

    Todd P./ Web Designer

    “I want my clients to feel connected to me and the work I do for them. A personal touch makes all the difference.”

    Skyler W. / Consultant

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