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Freelance writing can be a lucrative career path, with many of the top content developers building entrepreneurial empires that provide the very best in outsourcing support. Many new writers and designers are quick to follow suit, jumping into the arena with high hopes of enjoying the “easy life” as their own boss, digging into the seemingly endless list of available projects to write at their leisure while they excitedly watch the dollars roll in.

Yet somehow, after several months of focused effort, many freelancers still find their bank accounts coming up short. Why is that? There are many factors that may play a part in both short and long term financial obstacles, with most having something to do with one fundamental concept that sets the stage for any and every small business owner. All entrepreneurs, freelancers included, must understand how to charge what they’re worth in the marketplace.

  • Do Your Research
  • Record Everything
  • Believe Your Elevator Pitch

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    “I want my clients to feel connected to me and the work I do for them. A personal touch makes all the difference.”

    Skyler W. / Consultant

    “Offering multiple payment options to my clients has made it easier on them and has helped me expand my business.”

    Todd P. / Web Designer

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