Designer using a task management tool in workspace
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May 31, 2018

Personality Traits of an Efficient Task Manager

The right task management tool will help you streamline your job, but improving efficiency goes beyond stocking your tool kit with calendars and appointment reminder devices. Personality traits are just as important as the tools you use to help you manage your busy schedule. You should also assess your dominant personality traits and determine how you can leverage your natural tendencies for better task management. Personality traits can be easily discernible for some and perhaps a little harder to depict for others.  The common thread here is that we all have traits that are strong and ones that are weak.…
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April 5, 2016

The Freelance Support System

One of the things that seldom gets talked about when discussing the freelance lifestyle is your support system – the people you can rely on for support during lean times, and the people with whom you want to celebrate your accomplishments when you succeed. Supporters can be your friends, family members, business colleagues, a mentor, and even fellow freelancers. The truth is there is no shortage of a support system for freelancers. You just need to tap into this support system. Freelancers Supporting Other Freelancers Out of anyone in your support system, other freelancers are going to understand what you…
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