As an independent contractor trying to find more clients you may be wondering, why do certain freelance websites stand out more than others? How can I make mine better than my competitors’? And what are some of the top attributes my website should include in order to nail my next client pitch?

There is no doubt there are thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of companies that need your specific expertise as a freelancer.

But there is also a lot of competition in the digital world.

I don’t have to tell you twice how important your personal website is when it comes to staying ahead of the game. So start taking your business seriously and say goodbye to the days when you emailed a prospective client your generic cover letter and a mediocre resume, hoping it was good enough.   

This is the digital age. A time when website-building tools and independent contractor software are more accessible than ever before.

Rather than recreate the wheel, it’s time to draw inspiration from some of the stellar freelance websites below. Begin incorporating some of these features into your own online portfolio to start impressing your future clients today.

1. A Straightforward Contact Form


Why It Matters

Although it may seem obvious, an easy-to-find contact form where clients can send you inquires or ask questions is vital.

It may be tempting to focus on all the bells and whistles of cool, interactive freelance websites, but don’t make the mistake of making it difficult for people to contact you!

Provide several places where they can reach out to you via email or phone. The benefit of contact forms on freelance websites is that you’re able to prompt people with specific questions like, “Which services are you interested in?” or “What marketing goal are you hoping to achieve this year?” Simply listing your email address on your online portfolio doesn’t allow you the same opportunity to ask these important exploratory questions.

Don’t play hide-and-go-seek with your contact form. The sooner people reach out to you, the sooner you’re able to input their contact info into your independent contractor software as a lead.

A Great Example

Take a look at Orhan Kuresevic’s website for a quick refresher on how to embody simplicity.

  • He lists a “Contact” tab on his top navigation for people to easily get in touch.
  • He uses specific prompts above his form, letting people know what to inquire about.
  • The contact form lists only three fields, making it less overwhelming for prospective clients to fill out and get started.

2. Client Testimonials, Front and Center  


Why It Matters

It’s no secret that peer reviews hold some serious power online in general and on freelance websites specifically.

In fact, studies have found that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. They’ve also shown that 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision, and they are now essential for e-commerce sites. 

If you’re not gathering reviews from your current and past clients, you’re missing out big time.

  • Start by asking each of your current clients to provide you with 3-5 sentences about their experience working with you.
  • If you haven’t landed your first client yet, no worries. Offer to provide one of your services for free for a company you have an existing relationship with, in exchange for a client testimonial. Gaining these positive recommendations for your freelancer website and social media accounts is worth the trade.
  • Don’t be afraid to go back to previous clients you’ve worked with and prompt them for testimonials, too. As long as your reviews are current within the past 5 years or so, they’re still valid.
  • Be sure to link to the client’s website to capitalize on the SEO benefits of linking to reputable sites from your own online portfolio.

A Great Example

When you hit the Velvet Spectrum website, you’re immediately greeted with tons of examples of client work. Each example clearly lists the company name and what was done for them, acting as powerful client testimonials.

This lets people know the brand is reputable, has worked in a variety of industries and is transparent about their work.

3. A Video Introduction of Yourself


Why It Matters

In the digital world, there is no content that’s more effective at capturing an audience’s attention than video

Video promotion is said to be over 6 times more effective than print and online. And website visitors will stay an average of two minutes longer on a site after they watch a video, making them ideal content for freelance websites.

Creating a quick, on brand introductory video for your online portfolio gives prospective clients the opportunity to get to know you before ever talking to you. They’re able to put a face to a name, get a better feel for your personality and shape an opinion about you and your work based on the information you share.  

Consider highlighting some of the following information in your video intro on your freelance websites to make a positive impact on future clients:

  • Your communication styles and how you prefer to connect with your clients.
  • A quick overview of the tools you utilize in your work and what types of services you provide.
  • Three impressive statistics or achievements that highlight what you’ve accomplished with your work.

A Great Example

Animator and Graphic Designer Chris Warren’s video introduction does a lot of things right.

  • It shows off his graphic design ability while introducing you to him as well.
  • It’s just over 1 minute, which is long enough to capture someone’s attention but not too long to bore them.
  • It offers a clear overview of his services and leads people back to his website to learn more about his work. 

4. A Value Add: Offering Something (Small) for Free

Why It Matters

Offering someone something of value for free can be a powerful way for a freelance website to entice new clients.

A value-add – like an ebook or online guide – allows you to show people the quality of work you’re able to provide and your scope of knowledge on a particular subject. It also shows companies that, if you’re willing to give away valuable content for free, that your paid services will be really impressive.

Lastly, an effective value-add enables you to capture someone’s email address, phone number or other contact information in exchange for what you’re providing them. This makes following up with them extremely easy via your independent contractor software.     

A Great Example

Amy Porterfield’s Email Listing Building download allows her to capture someone’s email address for her own list while offering marketers a comprehensive guide, free of cost.

This is a fantastic way to demonstrate what she’s offering advice on, while simultaneously building her own list. Brilliant.  

5. Crystal Clear Pricing  


Why It Matters

Although it may be tempting for freelancer websites to prompt people to, “Contact me for pricing information,” this deters people from reaching out to learn more. There are several reasons for this:

  • People are afraid of an awkward, lengthy sales pitch if they have to call you for your pricing info.
  • They have no clue if you’re in their price range or not and will search for a company that lets them know this clearly instead.
  • It’s one more step they have to take in the process. You want to make things as easy as possible for new clients!   

If your pricing information varies, it’s okay to say that on your freelance websites.

Giving people a general range with the caveat that all pricing will be unique to each client is still more helpful than keeping your prices a total secret.  

A Great Example

Leslie David is a freelance artist who offers a gallery of her work, along with transparent pricing information, on her freelance website.

This is a great example of how you can introduce your brand to the world via an online portfolio while displaying price information at the same time.  

Implement 5 Elements from These Freelance Websites to Stand Out

An online portfolio doesn’t have to be boring, as demonstrated by the expert freelance websites above. By thinking outside of the box and understanding what will best capture your prospective clients’ attention, you’ll be seeing more traffic on your personal website in no time.

Once your freelance website is in great shape, put it out into the digital world via job boards and start grabbing your future clients’ attention with these tips.

After that, you’ll want to make sure you have the right independent contractor software to actually get the job done. Spera can help you become more organized, professional and efficient in your freelance work.

Check it out with a free demo.


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